Monday, January 2, 2012

All the Republicans are extremists

Every single Republican candidate for President is an economic extremist:

(This material was created by the Center for American Progress Action Fund.)
Reused under license.


Anonymous said...

By your description all DEMOCRATS are socialist extremists because they ALL voted in favor of Obama/Romney care. If the federal government taking over the healthcare system in the U.S. isn’t extreme, I don’t know what is.

lovable liberal said...

You could not have produced a more complete example of wingnut stupidity if you had tried - so much bullshit in so few words.

First, Obamacare is not a government takeover. All the private companies that used to exist still do. The government doesn't even pay them.

Second, Mitt Romney is many things - flip-flopper, bullshit artist, self-centered egotist - but he's certainly not a socialist extremist, and only a true lunatic could think his healthcare plan from Massachusetts is evidence he is. Hell, insurance mandates were proposed by the right-wing propaganda outfit the Heritage Foundation in 1994. Since then, they and you have become much more extreme - to the point that conservatives, who claimed to favor universal healthcare for 40 years, now no longer do.

So, on balance, you don't know the meaning of these basic words:
- takeover
- extremist
- socialist

The Democrats would all be extremists if they favored seizing all the assets of the medical industry and running it out of Health and Human Services as a branch of government. That would be a socialist takeover.

You'll notice if you still have a functioning brain that nothing of the sort is even on the negotiating table. Duh.