Thursday, March 17, 2011

The next wingnut crush

I don't mean Michele Bachmann will be taking over for the tanking Sarah Palin, as even the undiscerning underbelly of clueless teabaggers tire of her.  No, I mean to speculate wildly.

The perfect candidate for the base Republican base is a porn star who has found Jesus - right after aging out of the biz, conveniently.  Can you imagine a 35-year-old silicone marvel distracting the mouth-breathers from the clever, behind-the-scenes ministrations of the gray eminences of the right, say Newt Gingrich?

Impossible, you say.  Even they couldn't sink so low.

Ha.  In the race to the bottom, there is no bottom.  As low as their base voters will let them go, they'll go.  The Republicans don't care what their pandering might destroy.  Look at all the institutions they're gleeful about trying openly to kill.  They believe that destruction is positive - as long as they're doing the destroying themselves.

After Scott Brown, someone attractive who shows more than he did is the natural next step in a long line of ever prettier, ever more vacuous figureheads.


Johnson said...

Ha. Interesting idea. But the far right needs that conservative crazy christian vote far too much too let a porn star figurehead the party. Maybe a dance instructor. Or a puppy!

lovable liberal said...

Hence the requirement to have found Jesus...

Yeah, it's a stretch to satirize the GOP's eager embrace of vacuous looks and at the same time to forgive all kinds of behavior, based solely on claims to being born again. Newt has even repeatedly committed adultery.

Of course, for the Christian right, financial crimes aren't sin, only sex is immoral enough to be sin.