Wednesday, March 23, 2011


There are two political parties that matter in America.  (Note to John Birchers: The Communist Party is not one of them.)  One of them gives a pale imitation of its former full-throated advocacy on behalf of the middle class and the poor.

The other - the GOP - is a party of lies.  They may fetishize the Ten Commandments, but "thou shalt not bear false witness" is not a principle they honor by observance.  The leaders of the Republican Party - not just a few but all of them - pander to their fact-averse base of ignoramuses by lying:

It really does not matter anymore what the issue is or who the spokesperson might be. From the budget to unions to world events to brackets for March Madness, it doesn’t matter what the latest word string is—time and time again it has become quite safe to assume that anything these weasels say is a lie. Yes, it is a lie boldly told, but it is still a lie nonetheless.

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