Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Leggo my ego

Click image for full Chan Lowe/Miami Herald cartoon.


lovable liberal said...

Can you imagine two less suitable people to hold power? One's greatest achievement is the ability to fool an audience with crocodile tears and bullshit. The other's is making shitloads of money off her looks in her 40s.

OK, both of those are pretty remarkable achievements, though they in no way qualify the achievers for power - except in our retro-feudal culture where anything that brings money automatically brings plausibility. Deborah Palfrey should have hung in there, uh, sorry, persevered. What was it that LBJ said about aged politicians and whores?

squidward pro quo said...

"I was governor of a state that managed to suck $1.84 out of the Federal government for every dollar it put in."

"Don't use the word 'suck' in your speeches. We can't afford to have so many of our followers satisfied at once. We need them constantly stirred up in unfulfilled anger."

"You're no failed artist even if you can cry on cue."

"No, but you're Eva Braun."

"Who's she? Heiress of small appliances?"