Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Battered Democrat syndrome

Making peace with teabagging Republicans is a fool's errand. They look at the past twenty years of increasing right-wing extremism and say, "Not extreme enough! Give me more nativism, failed laissez-faire economics, tax cuts for the very wealthy, and thunderous anger."

Oh, and trumped-up massive grandstanding investigations:

[W]here, in all of this, are the responsible Republicans, leaders who will stand up and say that some partisans are going too far? Nowhere to be found.
It's ironic that the Democrats utterly failed to hold Bush administration to account for its criminal acts, yet the Republicans will no doubt create tempests over nothing to hamstring and bloody President Obama. The wingnuts mean to have a culture war, whether we're fighting or not. It's time we defended ourselves, not by acting like Republicans but by punishing Republicans in the public square for the damage and crimes they do.

What gets lost in all the screaming? The idea that government might be a force for a national interest larger than the sum of all corporations.

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