Friday, August 6, 2010

But he doesn't say n*****!

Race-baiting is Rush Limbaugh's job. It's what he means when he proudly crows that he's not politically correct.

He knows it, his audience knows it, I know it. Only the big media are so conservatively correct that they fail to notice that the man is a professional bigot.

(h/t Atrios)

Update (8/14): Opening a new front in racist denialism, "Dr." Laura laces her show with "n*****, n*****, n*****." But she's not a racist, oh no, she's just quoting n--, I mean, black people back to themselves.

Here's a bright line test: If you immediately go on the attack when someone mentions racism, you're most likely a racist. If you think black hypersensitivity is the big problem, you're so self-centered and impervious to everyone else's reality that you'll be in denial of your own racism forever. You probably lack enough of the empathy, which you were supposed to have learned in kindergarten, to apply the golden rule.


daniel noe said...

Though I disagree with Rush for explicitly stating his theory of Michelle's motivations as if it were fact, and in any case it is silly to critique the expense of vacations by the family of the president (I figure the president deserves some special honor and the cost to the country is so minimal as to be not worth discussing), you have to admit it is not wrong of him to openly wonder about the Obamas' mindset, considering their past statements.

Rush is many things, but it isn't fair to call him a racist bigot.

lovable liberal said...

Do you remember all the other times Rush has made race his central point? Or did you make lame excuses about them too?

You're holding me to a standard of fairness that Rush could never meet, but in fact he's a racist. Professionally.