Monday, February 1, 2010

Originalist poser

Just how is it that the right-wing majority on the Supreme Court can grant the First Amendment to corporations, when the modern limited liability corporation wasn't even legal until decades after the ratification of the Bill of Rights?

Could it possibly be, as with federalism, states' rights, and especially Bush v. Gore, the right-wing activist judges who claim to be originalists are not really acting on principle at all?

I dare question the sincerity of Their High Honors the Supreme Justices! Off with me 'ead!

For anyone who thinks borking has bad connotations, check Robert Bork's further career as a rigid ideologue, willing to rationalize almost any extremity of wingnuttism (who knew that word would be in the Firefox spelling dictionary!). We Democrats and liberals should have borked Scalia, Thomas, and Alito too. The world would be a better place - and especially America would be better without ever having suffered the maladministration of Darth and Duhbya - if we has seen the importance of keeping the first two of those Republican ideologues off the court.

As for Scalito's objection to President Obama's criticism of the Court's predictable bullshit decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, Alito knew the stakes, no matter how piously he may now deny it. Principle? The winner establishes principle, and they won, liberal bitches!


globeisatrocious said...

An originalist now, or just a until the wind blows the other way? Dutch East India Company. Had investors, paid dividends. Bill of Rights scribblers doubtless had heard of it.

lovable liberal said...

Which words did you fail to understand, modern or limited liability?

"An originalist now, or just until..." - my point exactly about the unprincipled conservative judges. That you would attempt to impute originalism to me has more than one possible interpretation, none flattering to you:

- You're too dense to understand that pointing out hypocrisy does not require agreement with the so-called principle cited by the hypocrite.

- You're trying to fool readers who are even denser than you are with a dishonest argument.