Friday, February 26, 2010

Get a grip

The IOC is investigating Canada's gold-medal-winning women's hockey team for daring to have beer and cigars on the ice after they beat the U.S.

Grow up, get a grip, stop being such priggish puritans. Try to enjoy life.

The Canadian women earned their celebration. I didn't want them to win, but they did. Let them enjoy their party.

Update (3/1): Here's a send-up.

2 comments: said...

What a classless, trashy way for the Canadian women’s hockey team to act! I can understand being excited to have won the gold medal, but they crossed the line and were TOO exuberant. The team totally embarrassed itself after playing a great game against the United States and an outstanding tournament overall.

lovable liberal said...

There's something trashy about smoking a cigar and drinking a beer? Red Auerbach was trashy?

Or was the celebration on camera at the end of the third trashy? I saw joy, not any lack of class.