Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oppose Social Security

The bald honest truth is that Republicans oppose Social Security. They dress up their opposition in various ways, but they're against the idea of government involvement in the welfare of people. It makes the citizenry to safe to work themselves to the bone on behalf of a corporation! That can't be good.

If you have the bad luck to make a mistake in choosing your parents, you had better be prepared for an old age of penury and suffering.


globeisatrocious said...

>they're against the idea of government involvement in the welfare of people

I realize that you write this blog for your own benefit, because statements like these drip with the sort of condescension poisonous to any debate.

lovable liberal said...

I guess it's because we know how to use the A tag in HTML.

Look, it's in the Republican platform that everyone except the rich are responsible for their own circumstances, and devil take the hindmost because they're lazy slackers who deserve it.

Not in so many words, of course...

lovable liberal said...

Shorter Gerard Alexander: It hurts our feelings when liberals call conservative bullshit by its real name, so they should stop and take our carefully crafted bullshit seriously.