Friday, February 8, 2008

Three questions

  1. Is the Constitution still in force?
  2. Does the government of the United States reflect the will of the people?
  3. Do the media provide the straight story of what actually happens?

Sorry, no to all three.

The Bushists have executed a coup d'etat against the Constitution. The Democrats, by and large, have wrung their hands about it and done nothing.

The primary process is designed by insiders for insiders. It's impossibly muddy, random, arbitrary, and unrepresentative. The Electoral College (and who would have thought that that was worthy of preservation when shredding the rest of the Constitution?) is obsolete but serves conservatives now, just as it did when the "Great" Compromise instituted it. Even the House of Representatives relies on districts built for specific outcomes, not to represent the will of the people.

Worst, lobbyists buy the legislative provisions they want. We get crumbs.

The media is corrupted by its slavish adherence to the establishment. Afflict the comfortable? But they invite me to parties!

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