Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Raising McCain

Fantasy attack slogans (mostly too harsh for the Democrats to actually use):

  1. McCain - Bush with a bad temper
  2. McCain, kissing the ass that crapped all over him
  3. A hundred years? We were asking about Iraq, not your next birthday.
  4. Last of the Keating Five
  5. McCain, now endorsing torture!
  6. So full of shit his name should be john
  7. McCain, his trophy wife's older than Obama
  8. McCain, pundit man-crush
  9. Coming in 2009: the next generation of Republican Viagra ads
  10. McCain and Lieberman deserve each other
  11. McCain: moderate waterboarding
  12. McCain - only married twice
  13. If you like Bush, you'll love McCain
The sad truth is that the Republicans would swiftboat the fact that the North Vietnamese tortured McCain until he broke and signed "confessions". Even in a viciously snarky posting such as this, that's just too far to go.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How about: "McCain?*
*He's really sorry he took bribes."