Sunday, February 10, 2008

Anonymous entertainment

Just to get the vituperation out of the way up front: Scientology's empirical teachings are as ridiculous as those of many other religious traditions, Mike Huckabee's for example. Mitt Romney's, too. I'm not too keen on the whole virgin birth myth, either, nor on transubstantiation. Hindu cosmology is wacko. Islamic science used to be pretty good, though it has fallen on hard times for the past several hundred years and shows little sign of recovering - quite the contrary in fact.

Scientologists, Southern Baptists, Mormons, Catholics, Hindus, and Muslims are probably all evil or good in about the same proportions, which is to say in proportions that don't respect stated belief or lack of it.

I'm an atheist; as a group, we're no better morally than anyone else. Nor are we worse. We do tend to be better at distinguishing empirical fact from the made-up metaphysical bullshit that charismatic leaders can't seem to avoid, but even among us you'll find all sorts of believers in crystals, the Force, etc.

The strangest thing is what happens to the metaphysical bullshit once the charismatic leader is no longer around to make up metaphors and call them doctrine. His words harden into coprolitic dogma. So, because Jews thousands of years ago wrote about nature as they understood it then, fundamentalist Christians refuse to find any factual errors in a text plainly littered with them.

Really, though, it's a happy day when people hold a party to protest Scientology in such an entertaining way.

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