Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Diet and exorcise

Let the nuns marry Jesus, but for priests to do that would be so gay. It's pretty funny for someone who has only been married to the church to say:

"According to what I could perceive, the devil was present and acting in an obvious way," he said. "How else can you explain how a wife, in the space of a couple of weeks, could come to hate her own husband, a man who is a good person?"
Wieslaw, buddy, you need to pay closer attention to the non-celibates and involuntary celibates around you.

Rev. Jankowski also blesses us with this:
Typical cases, he said, include people who turn away from the church and embrace New Age therapies, alternative religions or the occult. Internet addicts and yoga devotees are also at risk, he said.
I'd say the devil works in mysterious ways, too, though he sure has kept up with trends.

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