Friday, February 22, 2008

Phrasiarism charges

Thursday morning, WROR played an old ad from Bob the Builder. It had a catch-phrase, "Yes, we can!" Man, is Obama ever in deep yogurt now.

Hillary has been quick to attack but also ran afoul of the cynical googlers. Yep, she has cribbed from Bill. (Or maybe he cribbed from her in the first place.)

Mike Huckabee has been playing "More than a Feeling" without permission, just to prove how cool he is. Or was in the 1970s. If I said he was playing to his bass, I'd be cribbing, too.

John McCain has a slogan up on his web site: "Ready to Lead on Day One." Wasn't that Hillary's slogan? No? McCain added "to lead", and that makes it different and all better? Nope, just IOKIYAR.

Oh, and back to Obama. Ted Kennedy called him, "Ready to be President on day one." Is that safe from the originality cops?

Seriously, can we stop this bullshit? It doesn't make anything better.

(Hat-tip 55-40 for the pointer to TPM.)

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