Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Democrat to be named later

On the upside, the Super Tuesday message from Democrats may be that the whole Bill Clinton fiasco in South Carolina reminded them of the downside of the huge itinerant soap opera that the Clintons are. Though much of that is not their fault, it's still true, and maybe Democrats are ready to take a chance on someone else. (Who could that be?) I know I am.

Obama's weakness is still that he's inexperienced. There's just no getting around that fact. I'd love to see him announce the intention to appoint Al Gore as his chief of staff, but that's just a blogger fantasy with about as little likelihood as finding a pony in Iraq.

Obama's nomination against McCain has a downside. There are still a bunch of old white guys who wouldn't admit to racism but who would hesitate to vote for a black man. Of course, it's also true that many of them would hesitate to vote for a woman. Hell, even John Edwards wasn't going to win many of these guys.

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