Saturday, August 17, 2013

No way to change the climate

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There is simply no answer the teabaggers, denialists, oil tycoons, and wingnuts will ever accept.


Anonymous said...

There are three levels of democrats involved with this fraud. The Al Gore types that start the fraud, and will profit immensely from it, are at the top of the pyramid. Second in line, are the hardliner Communists in the party that realize the potential of exploiting the fraud to further their political agenda. Finally, there are the rank and file, brain dead of the party that believe anything they see on the Clinton News Network, Communist Broadcasting System, Always Been Communist and PMSNBC. Unless my hypothesis is inaccurate, you are in the middle of the pyramid scheme.

lovable liberal said...

Yep, there's my proof.

I'd think comment 1 was satire, except I know these idiot moron fucked-in-the-head wingnut dipshit witless douchebags, and they really believe the complete bullshit that comes out of their incoherent brains.