Sunday, November 4, 2012

That's comedy!

... as Slappy the Squirrel says.


Anonymous said...

Of course it's ALWAYS fine for blacks to be as racist as they want to be. I could only imagine what hell would break loose in the leftist media if a Republican made such an overtly racist video.

I think you and Obama have merged into one. I see you're even spelling like him now "corpse" LOL.

If Pennsylvania and Michigan are now in play, and have been all the while, you commies are as good as ousted. The only remaining problem is how much damage that walking man made disaster will do before he gets evicted from the White House.

lovable liberal said...

Racists never have a sense of humor about race, which is why you aren't laughing along with this like the normal people.

Really, does the minor wordplay of news corpse really elude you?

Pennsylvania and Michigan in play? Bwahahahahahaha.