Monday, October 1, 2012

Republicans on Mitt

There's only one thing that Mitt Rmoney has been dead solid consistent on: Rich people should pay lower taxes.


Anonymous said...

Hummm....interesting how there is no spin here yet about how badly Romney did at the debate last night LOL. Either you're still on the floor or you are still unable to spin Romney truths into Obama lies. When Republicans show up and debate substance, you Socialists always lose.

Don't worry though, you still have slanted polling and the Jewsmedia on your side even if Chris Matthews threw you under the bus. Bahahahahahahah.

lovable liberal said...

You mean you haven't noticed how distracted I've been lately from my blog? See, I've been out making a difference, getting Democrats elected.

You, by the way, are a moronic bigoted asshole, which makes you a perfect fit for the Republican Party.

Mitt Rmoney is taking it on the chin when anyone checks his so-called facts. The man only has one core conviction - lower taxes for rich people. His economic plans are all implausible lies that can't stand the scrutiny of a 2nd grader. Again, perfect for Republicans like you...