Sunday, August 19, 2012

Another lie

I've been too busy canvassing for Elizabeth Warren to post anything, but...

Here's a backgrounder on Warren that I had a moment to read today.

Mixon, the Houston professor, who often had lunch with Warren and became an early mentor, recalled how Warren made an impassioned speech not long after she was hired about her belief in the “middle-class values” of hard work and honesty.
The wingnuts and other fans of Scott-free Brown (R-McDreamy) will miss that paragraph. After all, it shows Warren as authentic, and they can't get that into their addle-pated thoughts.

I'm looking for them to call her a liar because she so obviously once was brunette and now is blonde.

Although that does make Native American ancestry more credible in their superficial view of the world...

Maybe they'll decide she's vain. Never mind she's up against pretty boy.


Anonymous said...

Lizzy Warren doesn't look like a wagon burning plains savage to me. I guess if you dyed her hair back to grey, hung some bison skins on her and adorned her with eagle feathers perhaps she would pass as a casino owner.

lovable liberal said...

When wingnuts have nothing else, you can count on open racism.