Saturday, August 4, 2012

A vile and disgraceful act

A man who can brutally suffocate his own daughter has an alien idea of fatherhood than I have. There is evil in every culture. In fact, the evil of treating females as chattel has only recently been extirpated from our social norms - and not entirely from our society.

There is no such thing as an honor killing. Murder of those whom you owe love is an oxymoron, evidence of sociopathy in a social norm.


Anonymous said...

People like YOU are trying to suffocate America yet you claim to love your country. So what makes people like you different than the Arabs that kill their own because they want things to different?

lovable liberal said...

Wow, a defense of the murder of a daughter for objecting to her chattel status! Wingnuts are simply too primitive to care for anyone other than themselves.

FYI, Pakistanis are not Arabs, you uneducable moron.