Friday, March 16, 2012

Republicans prefer opponents who don't fight back

Too bad about that.


Anonymous said...

You assholes are really getting desperate. Even with the MSM, as your willing co-conspirators, ranting hourly about an economy "in recovery," you have to hedge your game with a made up Republican war on women. This imaginary "war on women" was concocted by David Axelrod, planted by George Stephanopolous and whipped up by the shills in the leftist media. This exercise in deception, something democrats do well, illustrates the panic in the party of Lenin.

The policy of attacking Capitalism has resulted in the intended outcome. Obama will be held accountable in November no matter what BS fantasies you Marxists try to force down the throats of the American people.

lovable liberal said...

The word capitalism only takes a capital C in the original German.

I'm really tired of dipshit morons like you. You respond to brute incontrovertible facts with labels that indicate you have no idea of the meanings of the words you use.

Marxist? How's that again? Is that why the stock market is doing so much better than ordinary people? You are a fucking fool for believing that there's any Marxist ideology in power anywhere in America.

As for the war on women, did you understand that war is used metaphorically? Probably not.

There is no doubt from the incredibly offensive and backward proposals coming from Teapublicans all over the country that the GOP view of women is little more than one step up from chattel, certainly not the modern actual experience and desire of women today. What a bunch of wannabe Victorian pricks! They want American women to lie back and think of England, uh, 'Murka. Maybe the women will need to close their eyes.

Also, the anti-Enlightenment Teapublicans are making war on science, the working class, the middle class, and the environment.

So fuck off!