Thursday, March 22, 2012

Even Teapublicans can tell that Mitt Romney is a liar

Tomorrow Mitt Rmoney will claim that Eric Fehrnstrom is a junior staffer. It's the only way Mitt can stay true to his pattern of dishonesty at all possible moments.


Anonymous said...

Without a doubt the most biased, stupid blog I've ever visited.

Congratulations, you are a true far left liberal nutcase.

lovable liberal said...

Enjoy, where the stupidity will be more to your liking.

But thanks for stopping by, Eric.

Anonymous said...

You are quite correct anonymous...this place needs a political enema as does its administrator. It's hard to believe that this blog is administered from the Boston area considering that Boston is the home of Joe Ligotti! I think I'm going to get with Joe and see if he can talk some sense into this left-wing nut.

lovable liberal said...

Maybe I was wrong. Maybe Teapublicans can't tell that Mitt's a liar.

My bad.