Friday, November 18, 2011

Wall Street two-step

So often, a Democrat will be suspected of a crime, and wingnuts will appear to say, "Na na, what do you think now?" As if to say, see, you say Republicans should be locked up, but now it's one of yours!

My answer, which they routinely ignore, is that it's fine with me to prosecute guys like Jon Corzine, irrespective of the fact that he's a Democrat.

This disconnect between some wingers and me is that I don't have double standards for members of my tribe. Because they do, they expect me to.

They project every one of their own immoralities onto liberals. We've learned enough not to project our decencies onto them.


flymorgue2 said...

Projection projection, how's that function?

lovable liberal said...

Something here about St. Ives.

I meta-man.

Go prosecute your war criminals and financial fraudsters. Then come back and we can talk meta.