Monday, November 21, 2011

Not called the authorities for nothing

I had thought of collecting the videos of police violence against the Occupy movement. Joshua Holland at AlterNet beat me to it. Beat. Ha.

There are sobering lessons to learn here:

  • The police choose violence to enforce order.
  • The police serve power, not the citizens.
  • The police don't give a shit about Constitutional rights, only about authority.
  • The police handle teabaggers much more gently than they handle Occupiers. Teabaggers can carry firearms without being beaten. Unthreatening Occupiers get attacked for their resolute non-violence.
  • The police are trying to provoke a violent response from protesters - and sometimes they succeed.
  • Power is restrained by ever-present video, not fully but often. A few cops are too stupid to realize their actions are going to wind up on YouTube. The rest mill around, unsure what to do.
  • The big media, who should be all over these videos because they're vivid TV, mostly aren't playing them and will never play them in the sort of heavy-handed rotation Fox uses when it can illustrate one of its spin points. (You can bet they'll loop - out of context - any protester violence).
  • Of course, we already knew that big media serve their corporate masters.
  • Net neutrality is essential to showing the world what's true. A corporate-controlled Internet would be a censored Internet - hey, those crummy little videos use too much of their precious bandwidth.
Can you imagine how different the Vietnam War protests would have been with guerrilla video? Or the coal country union wars?

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