Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fox, F-O-X

Just skimming along in another Media Matters takedown of first degree Murdoch, I found this nugget of bullshit:

The Wall Street Journal's current arrangement with CNBC -- wherein CNBC reportedly receives advanced [sic] access to certain original financial reporting from WSJ and all Dow Jones business outlets as well as other perks -- expires in 2012.

While many observers assumed that Fox Business would inevitably form a partnership with WSJ once the CNBC deal expired -- News Corp. owns both Fox and the WSJ -- Journal managing editor Robert Thomson told Media Matters that partnering with FBN would "not necessarily" happen.
Fox's first priority at all times and in all ways is the Fox brand. Whether or not the medium is the message, the brand is the message for Fox. At every level of the Fox media empire, pimping the brand comes first - witness the constant tie-ins and mentions on sports broadcasts. Pimping the brand comes even before fellation of conservatives.


flymorgue2 said...

You not only confuse fox news with fox sports, but you conflate WSJ reporting with the editorial page. Only a reader of the globe could make the latter confusion, but the former is mystifyingly dense. was o'reilley doing world sereis tie-ins last night? Let me be the one to let you down gently: NO!

lovable liberal said...

Are you an idio-bot? Did you already forget this exchange? Right, wingnuts never give up any bullshit, no matter how many times it's been refuted.

Fox TV and Fox Sports etc. and so forth all have one parent company. They all report to Rupert Murdoch. They all reinforce each other with constant references to F-O-X. Your wishing there's a distinction that refutes my point is visibly stupid.

flymorgue2 said...

NBC does not equal MSNBC. Can we start your re-education with that?

lovable liberal said...

Are you really that unwilling to see behind the corporate entities on paper to their very close relationships in actual power?