Monday, July 18, 2011

News of the microcosm

News of the World displays almost every feature of the business environment that robber barons, plutocrats, and teabaggers want:

  • Disposable employees pitted against each other
  • Almost all power and reward at the top
  • No accountability at the top for anything but money
  • Management by fear
  • The right to be completely arbitrary, chiseling, and ruthless
  • Relationships dominated by force
  • Money the only value
This is what they want for all of us. No unions, no labor law, double standards for the rich, in short a return to Dickens.


Anonymous said...

Damn right no more freeloaders sucking the goverment union tit.

lovable liberal said...

You still believe in welfare queens driving huge-finned Cadillacs, don't you?

Unemployment is twice what it was 15 years ago - and that's not even considering the huge underemployment hidden behind the single number quoted by the media. The unemployed aren't parasites; they're displaced.

Wingnut assholes like you simply want to throw them away - or, better yet, get them to throw themselves away.