Sunday, July 17, 2011

Interesting, frank, honest

Gay marriage isn't all sweetness and light:

At the end of the morning, Justice Sunshine lived up to his name and granted us relief from our bond. My ex and I, after not having spoken for several years, jumped for joy in the hallway of that court, weeping with relief. She flung her arms around Allen and shook Todd’s hand. Then she capped six and a half years of waiting with a classy punch line: “Now don’t you kids rush into anything.”
Just like any other marriage.


Anonymous said...

These dykes are gonna burn forever in a lake of fire. Who gives a shit whether they can get a divorce?

lovable liberal said...

You think you're going to be one of the 14,400 people ever who get into heaven? Snap. Your willingness to cast the first stone just killed your chances. What a bummer for you.