Monday, April 4, 2011

Wingnut welfare

Remember teabagger Dale Robertson?  A year ago, he was taking incoming rounds for something he had done in the depths of history - 2009 to be exact.

In his defense, how racist could someone be if he can't even spell his slurs correctly?  And isn't it a desecration to wear the Lone Star flag over such an, ahem, barrel chest?

So what's this piece of work up to now?

He sends out fundraising surveys from waaay out on the fringes.  Yeah, that means smack in the middle of the John Birch teabagger standard fantasy universe.  Here's a sample:
The Barack Hussein Obama Administration and the internationalists in our U.S. Department of State are quietly surrendering our national sovereignty to the future One World Government based at the United Nations.  Should this surrender of our sovereignty be stopped immediately and the internationalists be removed from office?
He also has a web site.  It's about as well-designed as his protest sign - none of them effeminate esthetics for him.  On the site, he refers to himself in the third person - "Dale Robertson is a man of courage and conviction... Sincerely, Dale Robertson".  But he's a founder!

The site sells stuff from T shirts to blast faxes that he says will go to every Senator and Representative.  You can get a volume discount if you send the same fax twice.  One of those faxes tells the Congress to keep its hands off the Internet, though only in paranoid language, not in any terms that could be consistently translated into policy.

He's a regular teabagger entrepreneur, suckling at the teat (or something else) of the credulous tihadists who no doubt freely send him their money.

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