Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tory tea party

An American Teabagger named Nigel is going to burn Nancy Pelosi and his own Congressman in effigy. Wasn't it his English tea that Sam Adams and friends tossed into Boston Harbor? Nigel's going to all this effort for what he estimates will be a hundred people, so he was probably going to get 40 before CNN picked up the story. Now, every screw-loose malcontent in southern Virginia and northern North Carolina will show up.

Maybe these angry people can now understand that burning something is in fact the expression of a political opinion. Offensive yes, they're trying to be offensive. Reminds me of flag-burning. Offensive yes, but Constitutionally protected and ought to remain that way.

At least Nigel Coleman is not wearing a hood and burning a cross out in the forest, I'll give him that.

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