Monday, September 16, 2013

It's your fault if a bullet kills you

Not enough dead yet.


Anonymous said...

Crazed individuals almost always target gun free zones established by Liberals. You leftists love the body count so you can rant and rave about how horrible guns are and how we must restrict the rights of the citizenry that lawfully own them. Making criminals out of the law abiding is something you government thugs do best. This has recently happened statewide in NY. The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Period. I realize that it’s hard for a simpleton to understand that concept so I will repeat it again and again if necessary. Just one person in that office scenario with a gun could have put an end to it in an instant. The same applies for the Washington DC naval yard shooting as well. Oh….but that’s right…..there was probably a rule about no one being able to carry a gun into their workplace at the navy yard. We continue to see how well this Liberal shithead policy works.

lovable liberal said...

So, let's see, mass shooters are "crazed" but they're swift enough to seek out places where there are no guns. Well, no guns other than those that the armed security guards are carrying. Or, no guns other than those the other street gang members are carrying.

You'd think mass shooters would go overseas, wouldn't you? I mean, there are no good guys with guns to stop them. Maybe they could take over the country.

Liberals love body counts, so that's why we keep trying to keep guns away from killers. We have a weird way of expressing our love. You gun-penises, on the other hand, make sure at every (all too frequent) opportunity to keep the bodies piling up. Because you're too chickenshit to feel safe otherwise.

It's always stunning to me how willing you conservative morons are to make shit up. Yes, there was a rule to keep the Navy Yard unarmed, as any idiot with at least two brain cells to rub together would make to keep its defense operations secure. But of course, it had armed security.

You don't know shit, and that ignorance doesn't seem to faze you in the least. You still have the NRA's catch phrases to parrot.