Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Safety off, trigger finger itching

The NRA claims it's protecting all of us by saturating our environment with weapons built for the express purpose of killing human beings. Paul Waldman of the American Prospect has this to say:

[T]he goal of many gun advocates, particularly those who promote concealed carry, is that we make it so as many people as possible take as many guns as possible into as many places as possible. That's been the focus of their legislative efforts in recent years, not only passing concealed carry laws nearly everywhere, but also passing laws to make you able to take guns into bars, schools, government buildings, houses of worship, and so on, and also advocating for laws that would let you take your guns to communities where it would be otherwise illegal to carry them. Which would mean that your right to carry your gun trumps the right of everyone else to say, this is a place where we've decided we don't want people bringing guns.
Update (1/25): Experimenting with a new title...

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