Sunday, September 9, 2012

More liberal bias


[D]oes Romney think we’re stupid? Hey, he also thinks we’ll buy into his promises to slash taxes by $5 trillion but make up the revenue by closing unspecified loopholes in a way that doesn’t raise taxes on the middle class – which turns out to be arithmetically impossible. So the answer is, yes, he thinks we’re stupid.
Too boring for Republicans to make it add up.


Anonymous said...

When taxes are cut, more money stays in the private sector and that allows businesses to invest in THEIR OWN OPERATIONS and expand. Expansion requires, get this, EMPLOYEES to operate and manage that expansion. When more people are employed, then more people are paying taxes. The new tax revenue more than makes up for the cuts. If the resulting revenue is misspent, that is a breakdown of congress and not Conservative policy. This is economics 101. Any shithead that can't see this reality is blinded by their own stupidity and ignorance of very basic economics.

lovable liberal said...

So explain to me, you economic illiterate, where all the jobs are from the Bush tax cuts.

Your theory is comforting bullshit. You believe it because you are intellectually incapable of comparing what you fantasize is true against reality and discarding your fantasy. Instead, you ignore the plain facts - that you've been gulled by wealthy Republicans who only care about fooling fools into voting for them.

Corporations are sitting on record profits right now. It's not money they lack. It's customers. There's not enough demand in the economy to need expansion. Businesses aren't charities. They expand when they can make money, not before.

Yet you'll stupidly repeat your wingnut cant because you'd have to engage a brain you don't have to see through it.

Anonymous said...

Economics 101 continued....

I believe the Romney plan includes a tax cut of 20% for everyone. That gives ordinary comrades, like you, more rubles to spend. When more comrades have more rubles, they spend them and that makes commerce(you call it demand). When commerce increases, so does the size of businesses and their payrolls to meet that commerce Nikita. More comrades working = more rubles for the party. Do you finally understand?

The Bush jobs were lost due the the housing market collapse that
was set in motion by Fannie & Freddie. The resulting depression was caused by reckless, federal interference in the mortgage markets. Want something destroyed...just call the government! One call does it all!!

lovable liberal said...

Nope, the Bush jobs never showed up at all.

And the crash was caused by private misbehavior that has yet to be punished.

The profit motive will take away a man's conscience faster than anything. It's why we need government. Otherwise, Eden...