Saturday, July 28, 2012

Acceptable breakage

The NRA can't honestly evade responsibility for the legal environment in which a known lunatic like Kenneth Roop was able to build an arsenal of 14 weapons and was able to retain his concealed carry permit until he executed someone for the minor civil infraction of trespassing.

Roop's neighbors knew he was unstable. They had little power to keep their children safe from Roop, other than abandoning the public street in front of his house. They walked with a neighbor after Roop began to stalk her.

The local cops knew. They did nothing other than put the onus on Roop's neighbors.

This man should not have been permitted to have guns. At all.

The NRA's standard solution, more guns!, would not have worked in this case, even in the fevered imagination of Wayne LaPierre. Maybe full military tactical gear 24/7!

There will surely be dishonest evasions. Mitt Rmoney is trying one that I see frequently from wingnuts in comment threads: If there's any means of killing that's not regulated, no matter how inefficient compared to gunfire, then guns shouldn't be regulated.


Anonymous said...

Der shithead...guns are already over regulated by the feds. If you want to manufacture, sell or buy guns, you have to have permission from the government to do so. The feds mandate that all guns must have a way to be identified, they must all be taxed and they must all be tracked from manufacturer, to distributor, to dealer to owner and to next owner and so on. If you want to buy a gun you must ask permission, pay a tax and submit to a mini psychological colonoscopy. There is even a federal police force charged with policing all firearms manufacturing, distribution, transfer, importation and usage. You are further regulated on just how you use, carry and store your guns. ANY claims made by the vile and slimy Democrats, that guns are insufficiently regulated, is just a vast falsehood. They never stop complaining about a problem, that doesn't even exist, until they get their way....kind of like the man made global warming fantasy. This tactic is straight out of the Lenin playbook. "A lie told often enough becomes the truth." Citizens have guns...comrades and subjects do not.

lovable liberal said...

Let's see what you support.

First, you would have to backtrack completely to say that this mass killing by an apparently insane man is anything other than acceptable breakage to you. You are sick.

You've come out in favor of zip guns. Hooray for you.

You've come out in favor of untraceable weapons. Criminals love you for it.

You've come out in favor of zero qualifications for gun ownership.

Based on these bizarre opinions, I suspect that you are too unstable to be trusted with anything deadlier than a butter knife. Made of soft plastic. Inside a padded cell.

You must have missed that part of the Second Amendment that specifically allows regulation. Not surprising really. You're not playing with a full deck. The elevator doesn't go all the way to the top. The lights are on, but nobody's home. You're a few bricks shy of a load. You're 10 lbs. of bullshit in a 20-lb. bag.

Clear enough yet?

lovable liberal said...

Oh, and learn to make fucking paragraphs. Y'see, you just hit enter twice when you've finished what you incorrectly believe to be a coherent thought.

Anonymous said...

You talk of regulation in the Second Amendment but you forget the passage of, "shall not be infringed." You see, dumb ass, if you regulate you are infringing.

Learn how to form proper sentences you idiot. "Made of soft plastic" and "Inside a padded cell" are not sentences you illiterate Communist.

lovable liberal said...

You're probably stupid and uneducated enough to think the "right" to shout fire in a crowded theater or to incite rioting is Constitutionally guaranteed by "Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech."

Sentence fragments have a long and well-received history in literature. They're often used for emphasis. Which you would know if you had the slightest training in English past the 7th grade.

Communist? You wouldn't know a communist if one shot you with an AK47.

In short, you're a wicked neo-Confederate dope.

Anonymous said...

Actually, what I am, is your worst nightmare. I'm an educated Conservative that understands the true intent of your leftist agenda. If you people told the truth during a campaign, none of your ilk would EVER get elected.

lovable liberal said...

Trained, maybe, but your education didn't manage to teach you to evaluate critically the arrant bullshit the right wing feeds you.

And you are seriously deluded when you puff yourself up as my worst nightmare. Do you have narcissistic personality disorder?