Friday, June 15, 2012

Rude and a liar

Heckle the President at a White House press briefing? Only a Democrat. If a reporter did this to a Republican, the entire Mighty Wurlitzer of blithering right-wing special pleading would not merely note the rudeness but accuse the reporter of treason or worse.

Here's the interruption:

Mr. Obama had only been speaking for about five minutes when Mr. Munro first shouted. He continued speaking for another five minutes afterward. ...

Mr. Munro did not specify what he shouted, but other reporters who were present said the initial question was, “Mr. President, why do you favor foreign workers over Americans?”
Here's Munro's lying alibi:
I timed the question believing the president was closing his remarks, because naturally I have no intention of interrupting the President of the United States.
For conservatives, rules to live by apply only to Democrats.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I remember when all of those Bush hecklers were convicted of treason. You should research before you create a blog post.

1. In president Bush's 2006 state of the union address the democrats interrupted bush.
2. Democrats boo'd Bush while giving a speech on the floor of congress in 2005.
3. The shoe incident.
4. Fourth of July Speech 2008 at Montecello.
5. January 20, 2005: Code Pink protesters attended President G.W. Bush's second inaugural address, unfurling banners and heckling the president during his speech.

lovable liberal said...

A couple of comments and maybe more to follow if I don't find your nonsense too tiresome:
3. The idiot who threw the shoe was an Iraqi journalist, and he was (rightly) arrested. The fact that you brought that up indicates the weakness of your case.
5. A link and a quote:

The chants came toward the end of Bush's speech, and the president continued his address without interruption or any sign that he heard them.

Some of them were detained by police, as well.

lovable liberal said...

Monticello, also saw evictions from naturalization ceremony, not sure about arrests. Most of the protests were not in the ceremony but appropriately distant and did not interrupt Duhbya's use of it as a political platform.

lovable liberal said...

2. Dramatically exceeded by "You lie!" Boos and hubbub have been a feature of speeches before Congress for a long time, just like applause. What the wingnut journo did to President Obama is a whole new level of disrespect.

lovable liberal said...

In 2006, wingnuts like Paul Gigot actually expected Democrats to applaud Duhbya for things they disagreed with! Seriously, clap louder for Dear Leader.

Anonymous said...

In the Age of Obama, journalists dutifully scribble down his 54 minute retredded speeches and stand at attention when he strides off the stage for a 6 hour round of golf

lovable liberal said...

This is different from the past two centuries how exactly? He is President, after all. That commands a certain amount of attention and politeness.