Saturday, May 19, 2012

Keeping the suckers poor

In New England and the Mid-Atlantic, you can actually better yourself. In the South, not so much.

Liberalism works - unless what you want is captive, cheap help who won't get in your way.


Anonymous said...

Gonna need that money to pay higher taxes. Thanx Libs! May I have another?

lovable liberal said...

Dumb comment, even for you.

The net is better Massachusetts, for example, especially given that state and local taxes here are below the national average as a percent of income.

Liberalism works, conservatism fails, deal with it.

Only bullshit and bigotry keep conservatism electorally competitive. If we still had a moderate conservative party in America, that might not be true. Instead, we have the burden of extremists.

Anonymous said...

Hey shit for brains; Liberalism works in only TWO places. Heaven, where they don’t need it and in Hell, where they already have it.

lovable liberal said...

So you think Massachusetts is hell, and if this is hell, all that fundamentalist fear is laughably ridiculous.

On the other hand, I'm sensible enough to know that Massachusetts is still as it was for the real Tea Party: simply liberal, free, and successful, not heaven or utopia.

Liberalism works. It worked from 1933 to 1981. It will work again. Hell, it works right now in the Nordic countries.

Anonymous said...

Liberalism is sure working well in Greece, Spain, Great Britain and Portugal if the intention was to financially, and utterly, decimate a nation from within. The Chicoms are running their cage as Capitalists and look how well they are doing.

America is in decline due to Obama and his Socialism/Liberalism. Bush 41 and 43 also shoulder blame for being moderate, pussy politicians and compromising with the Socialist hordes known as democrats.

You can change your settings at Blogspot to get rid of the verification hassle. Didn't they teach you about that at the Kremlin?

lovable liberal said...

Verification? Did you mean moderation? The slurs of extremist wingnuts pushed me to using Blogger's features.

Why is it that the worst wingnuts capitalize common nouns as if their first language were German?

Name a single major problem that President Obama didn't inherit from Duhbya. One is all I ask.

Of course, the fact that you consider Dub to be a moderate indicates that you're hopelessly extreme. I guess you want a good Latin American dictator - just without those pesky accents.

By your twisted definition, even the Germans and especially the French are communists, so your point about the other Europeans means what, exactly?

I never claimed that liberalism works automatically. The Greek government clearly and stupidly bought a financial strategy founded on bullshit, runny bullshit at that. Spain suffers from the euro, not from mismanagement. Portugal is more similar to Greece than to its neighbor in Iberia. The UK is in the hands of the Tories (I know, communists in your sick view).

All are suffering from central bank and ideology-imposed austerity that is not helping, although it does burden the poor and middle class to protect the wealthy in their ability to buy larger estates, more cars, and better whiskey.

'Cause they sure ain't hiring. Why wound they? There's not enough demand for their mass market products, since the bad economies of Europe are verging on 20% unemployment - a direct result of the venal policy choice of austerity over stimulus.

No, I don't expect you to understand a single word I've written here except this one: moron!

Anonymous said...

I'm done until the moderation wall comes down, Mr. Gorbachev..Flyguy