Friday, June 3, 2011

Paul Revere, Second Amendment fundamentalist

Just when you think she can't possibly be that ignorant, something like this comes along.  Sarah Palin can't even keep track of the mythic legends of American history that conservatives normally love (this one with the added benefit of being true).  She just makes up bullshit to suit her own weird inchoate opinions.

Why don't all Americans laugh her out of the room?


Anonymous said...

Palin 2012, or, better yet Michelle Bachmann!! Those are your two you better get ready to live with your messiah going down as the worst one term President in U.S.history you obscene asshole.

lovable liberal said...

Three kinds of Republican:
- bright enough to know the GOP is factually wrong about just about everything but ambitious enough to be willing to pretend to be a moron for sake of winning an election
- not bright enough to know that only a moron could believe in the GOP platform
- not only not bright enough to tell truth from fiction in the simplest cases, but proud to be ignernt and eager to defend morons like Sarah Palin and Michele (one L) Bachmann, who don't know the most basic facts about American history and who couldn't possibly analyze them intelligently, even if we imagined they might show good faith, which they never do

You seem to be the last option. When I refer to the ignoramus caucus, buddy, I'm talking about you.

What's obscene? Morons like you gobbling up bullshit and calling it candy...