Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sharron Angle's libel

I get letters. They ask for money. I throw them away recycle them.

But for yuks I sometimes pick out a good wingnut letter and read it, just to see what's making them piss their britches. Or at least what they think will make their supporters piss their britches - and open their wallets.

Socialism, usually. Obama and his "loony left agenda." (Where? Would love to see that in action.) The conservative fundraisers almost never call Obama President Obama. I guess their heads would explode. Nancy Pelosi is another boogeyman of the right. OK, boogeywoman!

Most of the letter I got yesterday from Sharron Angle (R-lunatic fringe) is standard Republican boilerplate. Since I'm not in Nevada, the letter tries really hard to nationalize Angle's contest with Harry Reid so that I'll supposedly be convinced to sign up as a "Friend of Sharron Angle." Yah, sure.

It's odd that she thinks a potential contributor would need to be convinced that the Nevada Senate race has national implications. Maybe the mailing list is supposed to be for, um, less engaged (o.k. stupid) conservatives. The fact that she's trying so hard suggests to me some desperation.

Angle does depart from one commonplace in conservative fundraising. Rather than edging up to the libel cliff and peeking carefully over, she goes for it full bore:

Reid doesn't just use his tremendous power as Senate Majority Leader to ram through Obama's agenda...

...he also leverages it so that millions of dollars in Special Interest money flow [sic] into his campaign coffers.

Every Special Interest that wants a favor, [sic] must first toss some money into Reid's tin pot.
Yeah, sounds as if actual malice wouldn't be hard to prove. She's accusing him of extortion and accepting bribes, not to mention abuse of his position.

(Another typical feature of conservative fundraising letters is, ahem, idiosyncratic punctuation and capitalization, not to mention the occasional misunderstanding that a number of dollars takes a singular verb, not a plural one. They are proud to be hide-bound reactionaries, but they can't even do traditional English usage correctly. Say, has anyone seen their identity papers?)

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