Saturday, May 15, 2010


The White House is doing its level best to make sure that everyone has seen the bikini chart:

Now the next spin point is out: If job creation continues at the same rate for the rest of 2010, Barack Obama will have presided over the creation of more jobs in this year alone that Duhbya did in his entire eight-year maladministration.

Unlike Republican spin points and cherry-picking, this one comes with explicit caveats to help readers understand it fully. Whether the trend continues is one, and the future is always speculative. Another is the huge job loss that continued from the Bush recession throughout 2009, when Obama was in office and the best you could say was that job losses were slowing.

More important, we can't forget the sheer size of the need for jobs, left from the Bush disaster, which was relatively jobless even in its best times, and from Obama's first year in office.

Employment is better, that's true. But we have a long way to go before it's good.


Beyond The Political Spectrum said...

The way I see it, what's the point in touting job creation? Conservatives are so much more effective and better at making "bad" points (read: accusations) stick with their opponents that a cure for cancer could be found under the Obama Administration's watch and Conservatives would find a way to politicize it based on ideological beliefs.

lovable liberal said...

Let 'em! Since wingnuts, including most of the officials in the Republican Party, are constantly attacking headlong, ambush them by doing good and counterattacking.

It won't always work, but the voters were able to see that Duhbya and Darth had screwed the country up so badly that they elected a black guy to lead us out of the Republican disaster.

Whether the voters are still tuned in enough to reality is a fair question, but if the alternative is to do nothing to respond to Republican attacks, I don't think that's much of an alternative.