Thursday, March 4, 2010


Libertarian Jonathan Loya is running for State Rep in the Massachusetts 8th Middlesex, a district I know pretty well. He's running against freshman Rep. Carolyn Dykema (D-Holliston), who's a friend of mine. More power to him for running - at age 19 - even though I wish him a thorough defeat. Still, being involved in politics is important even if he's on the wrong side.

Here's something funny, though. Loya is using my words to describe at least what he claims he is not. Two weeks ago, I made several comments on this MetroWest Daily News story announcing his candidacy. One of them included:

[T]he libertarian response to the financial crisis would have been to let the economy burn to the ground. As big a mess as we're still in, it would be much worse if libertarians like Loya had been in charge.
Today came the news straight from Loya's mouth:
“Some people, when you say libertarianism, think you’re a radical person who wants to burn the economy to the ground” said Loya jokingly before scratching the surface of his ideas about the ideology.
Oh, no, now I'm a speech-writer for the opposition. Heh.

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