Friday, October 1, 2010

Wages of sin

For Republicans, the wages of deceit is renewed power. They've offered nothing for the past two years but hypocritical, unyielding opposition to anything of benefit to Americans.

Iin a month, Americans, who have become so easy to scare and buffalo, will probably reward the GOP for their intransigence. We will get the government we deserve for our foolish inability to distinguish reality from bullshit and for our inability to stay the course in the face of furious and obviously unhinged opposition.


Barack Obama is an Alien said...

ty goodness is anyone else sick of the depressing news being spewed from every media outlet? I am, so I dressed it up a little bit! Below is the link to my politically conservative blog parity and leave me a comment teliing me what you think!

d.campione said...

I agree with part of your premise. Republicans will not improve the state of things in our country. I disagree with your summary of their rehtoric though. The path we are on with the Obama admin has already demonstratably failed in Europe and Cuba. China has also integrated free-market elements into their economic system, which one can argue is attributing to their current success. My site can be found belowwww:

lovable liberal said...

You think Europe and Cuba belong in the same category!? Do you mean Eastern Europe? Have you been in Europe? Does it look like a failure to you? Or are you only seeing it through the distorted lens of conservative media?