Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Before HUAC

That's the (as yet mythical) House Un-Christian Activities Committee...

Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of a coven?

The truth is that Christine O'Donnell's teenage flirtation with witchcraft should not be an issue. It has no bearing at all on the votes of liberal (who won't vote for her anyway). Only the fundamentalists, who believe the so-called dark arts are real, and other social conservatives care.

Having once been so unrational as to cast spells means that O'Donnell is of questionable purity and puritanical character. She could be a sleeper for Satan! Call the Church Lady!

On the other hand, they could forgive her. Duhbya had been a drunk and a druggie, and he himself stated to a reporter at the 1988 Republican National Convention that he talked about "pussy" with his father. Though reformed from the booze at least most of the time, he plainly remained completely egotistical, yet his mere claims to be born again were enough to win the blind faith of many of his followers. They still think he's a godly righteous Christian man even after all the people he killed needlessly.

Still, witchcraft could be a bit too out there.

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