Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Steamy sex and righteous violence

Did my headline grab you? That's the function of headlines. Especially in big media, headlines exist to tease, not to inform. Like much of the rest of their content.

So a story titled New Mexico candidate for governor says Republicans 'outnumbered' sounds pretty dull. What, is Susana Martinez trying to paint herself as the underdog, striving nobly against all odds like some Ayn Rand heroine?

No, it turns out that CNN took a dive on hooking readers into a sensational story. Martinez wore her concealed weapon to a media appearance!
Apparently more than once, probably all the time.

Couldn't CNN think of a better headline?

Armed New Mexico Republican feels 'outnumbered'
Republican for N.M. governor: 'Outnumbered' but never outgunned

The gun has got to be in the headline. Unless someone wants to hide a little teabag craziness...

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