Friday, September 5, 2014

Radical Christian extremist ISIS

Phil Robertson is the moral equivalent of ISIS tyrant Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Robertson quotes Proverbs, "All who hate me love death."

His choice for Muslims is the same choice that ISIS has posed to Yazidis (and doesn't even offer to Shias): Convert  (to my extremist religion) or die.

In fact, Robertson thinks it's too late even for conversion. "That time has come and gone," he says.

For Robertson, there's no place in the world for moral reasoning, only for winning the war over which god is the bigger murderous asshole. And he thinks Satan is the problem!

Of course, Sean Hannity, handmaiden to genocide, is just fine with all this.


Anonymous said...

After reading some of your blog I must day you're really one of the worst people I've ever come across. I can only imagine the influences and indoctrination you must have been subject to to view the world and non-liberals in such an absurd and upside-down way. Really very scary to know you exist and so firmly believe the stuff you write.

lovable liberal said...

Let me get this straight. I object to Phil Robertson saying convert or die - and it's too late to convert - and I'm the scary person?

Why is it that conservatives are so easily scared by liberal speech but can't hear the clear threats from conservatives?

Of course, as well illustrated by Robertson and by ISIS, fundamentalist religion is by far the largest source of irrational indoctrination.