Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Business failures

Businesses and business people frequently think of themselves as rationally self-interested. They used to add the word enlightened, but they don't much any more. That's so retro, an anachronism of a time before shareholder value became everything, before greed was good, before Ayn Rand told them they were virtuous to be bastards.

But, are they even rationally self-interested?

I see a local gas station with a sign supporting the end of automatic indexing of the gas tax to inflation. Is that really in their interest? I remember 1991, the previous time the gas tax went up 3 cents. All - and I mean all - gasoline retailers raised their prices 6 cents. Indexing gives them the chance to gouge every year, not just every 20 something years.

Democrats manage the economy better for growth, jobs, GDP, and the stock market. The Koch brothers have made their vast fortunes tremendously vaster with Barack Obama as President, yet they hate him and all Democrats to the tune of a billion dollars. It's not rational, just their ideology.

The stock market has done tremendously during the Obama administration, yet investment businesses want more. More, more, always more. It's clear the banks won't be satisfied unless every fraudulent, high risk, socialized risk/privatized profit "innovative product" that steals from honest people is permitted. Yet they're making huge profits, just not enough to feed the tapeworm of Randian bullshit economic feudalism.

Export businesses should look at their international competitors and come out for single-payer health care. They need that huge drain off their books and on someone else's. Nope, after supporting Obamacare when it was still Heritagecare, they're looking to dump what coverage they offer - despite Obamacare's early successes at slowing the growth of health insurance costs.

Businesses and business owners prefer weak government because that's their ideology, not because it's better for their businesses. Weird.


Anonymous said...

You already know the results of the mid term elections and they have yet to be decided. Your frustration shows in the massive whoppers you have told in this thread.

lovable liberal said...

Yet you fail to name even one of the alleged whoppers. Pretty typical.

Anonymous said...

I don't have to name one Pinocchio, everything you said was a lie. Were in the editorial department of Pravda during the USSR days?

lovable liberal said...

Yeah, you're nothing but a gasbag, no surprise about that.

Anonymous said...

Soon, Vlad, that miserable pipsqueak and excuse for a man, Harry Reid will become minority leader. Two years from then, you will have to put up with President Ted Cruz.

lovable liberal said...

The second coming of Tailgunner Joe? Bwahahaha, you are delusional.

Weren't you a birther? Is there a fascist government somewhere you'd feel more simpatico living under?

Anonymous said...

No doubt you are out scampering for your party. Have you volunteered for Scott Brown control over in New Hampshire?

lovable liberal said...

Have you been drinking? Doing meth?

Your question makes your usual no sense.