Saturday, August 30, 2014

Killing the golden goose

Democrats have gotten pretty good at raising small dollar contributions via email. This will not last because they are drowning their supporters in spam.

Especially at the end of every reporting period, I get scores of emails from people I'd like to contribute to - and a few from Democrats I won't contribute to, such as John Tierney, unless he found himself in the unlikely position of being vote 218 for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. Then, I suppose I could hold my nose. Till it bled.

Tierney's emailing me daily, as if I were an ardent supporter whose absence from his list of contributors must be an oversight - or I'm a slacker who needs a reminder to change my underwear. When did it become permissible to spread email addresses to everyone?

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was emailing me on multiple addresses, demanding to know why I haven't renewed my "membership." The day I got five separate emails on each address, I started unsubscribing, and I let them know in no uncertain terms why:

I'm tired of the insulting and manipulative spam. You're destroying a potent Democratic advantage by promiscuously sharing my addresses. Stop it! I get 50 emails per day, and the ones that cast me as a deadbeat piss me the hell off.
The DCCC took me mostly off their list. But I suddenly found myself subscribed to the Democratic Majority PAC's list. It's not as frequent, but I'm not mollified.

Because of this abuse, more and more contributors who can't give to everyone (e.g. me), are going to opt out.

Maybe they're trying to cull their lists. As if.

Really, I think their email contractors are abusing the lists because that's where their incentives lie. If so, Democrats need to learn to write better contracts - or pull their operations back in house.

The alternative: Republicans will still have the Koch brothers and a long line of oligarchs. What will the Dems still have?


lovable liberal said...

Pretty obvious from the continuing spam that no one in the Democratic Party is thinking beyond this election. I'm unsubscribing from many mailing lists. Otherwise, I'll never get billing emails and personal emails in a timely way.


Anonymous said...

You are in the party of sleaze. Why does it surprise you that sleazy tactics are used in fundraising by sleazy operators?

lovable liberal said...

Pretty sure it's private vendors who don't care about destroying the asset as long as they get paid.

I'll be working my network to push that message up the chain. By contrast, you'll be carping in your usual fact-free way.

Unknown said...

It's a shame that they are doing this, because honestly this is perhaps the largest advantage that the Democrats have over the Republicans. Democrats appeal for the most part much more to the younger people, who are more savvy with the internet, and of course somehow they manage to blunder it. The government always works slow when it comes to technology for the population, and they have more bugs (not the kind that track you, those work perfect) then any major first release. If we could just get this part right, it would open a huge advantage for the Democrats, and I really think that's why they keep pressing to regulate the internet.