Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wingnut version of truth

James O'Keefe continues to draw media attention with bullshit. He doesn't need facts. Truthiness is enough for someone who lies to the unwary for a living:

[T]he one instance in the video where O’Keefe purports to show that a non-citizen had actually voted, in fact shows that a citizen voted.

The episode does speak to a larger underlying problem with most accusations of voter fraud. It’s what I call the “Scooby Doo routine”. People like O’Keefe make wild voter fraud accusations like non-citizens voting, only to discover a much simpler explanation for the situation.
There's more:
In his newest video, conservative videographer James O'Keefe claims that during his organization's latest inept voter fraud sting in North Carolina, "we found ballots being offered out in the name of the dead." Unfortunately for O'Keefe, the person whose ballot his operative sought is actually alive, as is indicated by the raw video his organization posted online.
No one should ever listen to O'Keefe lie, and that's his stock in trade.


Anonymous said...

Never listen? But always listen to George Soros and Think Progress. cripes I hope you are getting a piece of his billions for the water of his that you carry. The two citizens O'Keefe 'lied' about claimed non-citizen status on sworn jury excuse documents. James should have known this, but For a liar such as he is, it would not slow his lies down, no, not a bit! Lie on James, Georgie Porgie will catch you! now I must go, my crab meat Cherokee casserole is cooming out of the oven, just in time for the Powwow!

lovable liberal said...

I guess you didn't read anything, just reacted defensively. Typical wingnut devaluation of reality in favor of ideology.

O'Keefe is not a journalist, he's a bullshitting propagandist who cuts together video dishonestly to make a point, never mind whether the raw video contradicts that point.

You defend it with an ad hominem against the truth-tellers. Again, you don't value what's true, only what agrees with your twisted view of the world.

As for Soros, I realize you think you're entitled to all the billionaires. It's typical of your absolutism and depravity that you can't even imagine a rich man for whom even more money is not the primary goal.


Anonymous said...

Well little guy, now your premise is out there. Journalists are who you say are journalists. I'm a wingnut, but ad hominems are abjured, and only one sentence buffered these contradictions. Oh and I'm sick, too. That was not buffered by a sentence that did not insult me. Two unsupported accusations and four insults. Lovable.

lovable liberal said...

Smart enough to understand you're being slammed. That's progress.