Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Click image for full Adam Zyglis/Buffalo News cartoon.

Fundamental Republican rule of the game: Republicans win!

Update: The Republicans have finally gone so far into Calvinball that at least America's cartoonists have noticed:


Anonymous said...

"Dead under my watch"'s more like...."almost got away because I didn't want to kill a fellow Muslim that wants to destroy America too."

lovable liberal said...

So you're claiming Duhbya openly sided with the radical Muslims?

Moron. It's the stupidest wingnut bullshit I've read today to claim that President Obama almost let bin Laden get away, when it was Republicans (including Mitt Rmoney) who alibied that it wasn't very important to get him - because they failed at it.

You Teapublicans think you can say bullshit over and over again until it becomes true. You live in an infantile fantasy world.

Anonymous said...

I come for the insults and stay for the...well, I don't really stay

All these anon posts are Flyguy...don't get all fullof yourself that viewership has increased 50%, or tha sane viwership has doubled

lovable liberal said...

So, then, no argument, you just want to change the subject to yet another bullshit wingnut gambit.