Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A single honest Republican

Bruce Bartlett is the sort of Republican we used to have - a well-reasoned and analytical reality-based conservative. He can look at the economy and state without fear:

The reason that unemployment is high clearly has nothing to do with taxes. Consequently, there is no reason to think that reducing taxes further will do anything to raise employment by reducing the tax wedge.
There aren't many of his kind left, and most of them have been abandoned by the Teapublican extremists.


Anonymous said...

But let's increase the number of regulations! and not cut spending! Forward!!!

Anonymous said...

I like how some RINO gets good press here at the blog of Castro. If I were Bartlett, I'd be ashamed to be mentioned in the positive at this leftist whorehouse. Barlett is an idiot when it comes to tax cuts and the resulting jobs created from them. It's not's HISTORY. Reagan/Bush tax cuts....the result: 21 million jobs created between December 1982 and June 1990

lovable liberal said...

Honest and sane? Yeah, I guess he must be a RINO. He's obviously not fully committed to the cult of ultraconservatism. Damn pinko Reaganite!

As for your bullshit assertion about the economy, that's the Arthur Laffer stupidity. Look, we all know that you cherry-picked the best possible dates, right? And you chose a cause to claim for the effect of job growth, happily ignoring the tax increases during that period, hoping readers would be senile or stupid. Sure, that usually works on wingnuts, just not on better informed people. Liberals, for example.

What we know now is that taxes are historically low, that demand is insufficient to get corporations to spend their profits building capacity and therefore jobs. But the answer to everything in the Teapublican cult is to cut taxes on the wealthy, so that's what you propose, with a few all-purpose slogans that expose your complete lack of understanding.

For instance, stupidly calling me a commie.

Can you even feed yourself?