Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Straight from the horse's ass

Orrin Hatch sent me a letter on behalf of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC). Here's why they want my help:

[The Democrats] oppose all the values and principles you and I share.
I've said many times that Republicans are against the Constitution and the rule of law. I just never thought they'd come right out and say it. And it's flabbergasting that they have finally admitted that they are opposed to women's rights, minority rights, and equality under law irrespective of social class.

What are these radical Republicans running against? Hollywood, labor, environmentalists, and peace activists! Sure, they throw in some derogatory modifiers, but that's their plan:
  • Fascist realist art
  • Corporate dominance
  • Even more ill-advised deregulation
  • War
They are running in favor of:
  • Permanent tax cuts that favor the rich
  • Anything "tough"
  • Ben Tre reform of Social Security and Medicare
Here's part of the NRSC survey:

The highlighted Republican take on the Democratic platform is mostly a tissue of lies.
  • The tax "increase" is allowing the awful Duhbya tax cuts to expire, and the GOP exaggerates the amount because the Dems will keep part those cuts.
  • Cutting the defense budget has to happen at the end of the wars (though I will concede there is some accuracy to this one item).
  • Gay marriage only undermines heterosexual marriage in the fever swamp of the homophobic imagination.
  • Republicans are completely untrustworthy on Social Security. They want to destroy it as a social insurance program and give its revenues to Wall St. They also provide no plan to fill the revenue gap for those who are already receiving payments.
  • It's Republicans who are blocking U.S. energy independence. Democrats are blocking U.S. oil-ocracy.
  • UN control of the war on terrorism? Where do they even get this stuff? Answer: They make shit up to keep their choleric base frothing at the mouth.
Ironically, the letter - which the GOP has cannily kept hidden - accuses the Democrats of dishonesty! Par for the course...

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dan said...

I'm not sure if this will post twice. The internet collapsed on me while I tried to leave the last comment.
Essentially, I was trying to say was that the Republicans saying the Democrats are blocking Social Security reform is like the pot calling the kettle black.