Sunday, March 16, 2014

You'll always have a choice

Click image for full Tim Eagan/Press Democrat cartoon.


Anonymous said... have a choice. If you're a veteran you can use the government run VA and die in line while the big government bureaucrats get bonuses or you can seek private health insurance that is now more expensive thanks to Comrade Obama. I'll pass on your choices.

lovable liberal said...

Are you really this dumb?

The VA is very inexpensive, compared to private American health care. The vast majority of vets actually like it, despite its real problems.

It's socialized medicine, very different from Obamacare, which doesn't even have a public option - and it should.

The cost increases that have been happening every year for decades under private insurance have slowed under Obamacare. But you're too dense to understand second derivatives.

You worry about paltry public sector bonuses but not at all about private sector C-level executives fattening themselves without performance. You can't even wrap your little Ayn Rand head around the obvious fact that private organizations constantly misallocate funds. Your theory is that that is impossible, so you ignore your lyin eyes.

Anyone who thinks President Obama is a communist doesn't know the meaning of the word.

Yeah, you are that dumb.

Anonymous said...

"paltry public sector bonuses" you say??? There should be NO bonuses for big government employees because they produce NOTHING and are already an unwelcome anchor on the back of the taxpayer....comrade Boston.

lovable liberal said...

So you're opposed to use of incentives to get the behavior you want, I guess. Not much understanding of market behavior on your part...

That said, when everyone gets a bonus, that's not an incentive, it's a backdoor pay-raise. And I don't want it happening in government, even if it is much more common among private sector executives.